Is your website really that important?

Updated: May 11, 2020

Getting more clients is probably the number one goal I hear from fitness professionals. That's what we do at FitSites. "Wait. I thought you gals were web designers."

Well, we are. But really our goal is to help independently owned fitness & wellness studios, gyms, personal trainers and CrossFit boxes reach their business goals. Like bringing in more clients.

When it comes to bringing in new gym members or new personal training clients, your website can be one of your biggest assets, along with your email list and of course testimonials & referrals. But, many personal trainers and gym owners think that the only thing that matters is word of mouth and their website is an afterthought.

So let's talk about how to build a website that turns clicks into clients.

How you build your website matters.

Your website design has an effect on your visitors. Your design can either attract and engage them or make them run for the hills (i.e. move on to your competition.) The colors and placement can also attract and engage or cause visitors to click the X. And, you guessed it, the copy can do the same.

What does that have to do with you?

Easy, are you looking to get more clients? Maybe you want to fill out your new 12-week challenge. Maybe you want every class booked out. You can easily attract more clients by not just having a beautiful website but by creating a website that takes consumer psychology into consideration (and still look damn good while doing it).

By creating a website that converts you will get more clients in the door, increase your revenue, and get more email subscribers. All because you made a switch from a pretty website to a pretty website that converts.

How do you do create a website that converts clicks to clients?

Simple, take advantage of customer psychology.

What is customer psychology?

Consumer psychology is the study of why and how shoppers purchase some products and don’t purchase others. Literally, millions of studies have been run to determine why consumers prefer one brand or product over. This information not only helps businesses influence their customers to purchase certain products or services but it also can help you grow your business.

Let's talk about how you can use it to your advantage to create a converting website.

Product Placement

People have a tendency to purchase a product that is at eye level. It’s convenient and it’s the first thing we see when we grab something off the shelf.

Grocery stores, in particular, take advantage of this. Check it out next time you are at the store. What products are at eye level? It's probably a more expensive brand or their own line. This is so popular and well known by stores that the phrase “eye level is buy level” was created.

So how do you put this into action on your site? Well, you are probably selling some service or product, right? Put it front and center where your visitor will see it! Your landing or home page probably sees 60-80% of your site traffic. Buyers often don't go past this page, you need to guide your visitors to these services directly from your landing page, and no I'm not talking about a link to Services in the navigation.

Ideally, you place your primary call-to-action in your main banner, and in multiple places down the page. This primary call-to-action may be a Free Consultation, Free Intro Session, First Workout Free, Book Now, Join, or New Client Special. By placing it at the top of your page, it is one of the first things the visitor sees when coming to your website.

Connect With Emotions

Commercials on TV don't sell you a product or service. Wait, what? You are probably thinking "Umm, that's BS, of course, they are selling something."

The next time you watch a commercial, really listen to what they’re saying. Yes, commercials are aimed to sell more of a product or a service but they are not just doing that?

Commercials sell solutions to problems.

Companies know that one of the best ways to sell a product or service is by connecting with your emotions. A majority of commercials present to you a problem you have (or may not have but think you have after watching the commercial) and then provide you a solution to that problem through their product or service.

Take pharmaceutical commercials, for example, they don’t just talk about the disease or ailment that someone has and then say, “this medicine can help.” They show in videos and describe in words the issues related to the disease in detail so they can connect with your emotions. They talk about how the issue affects your personal relationships, your job, your exercise routine, the way you see yourself, the way other people see you. Then they describe what life would be like without those issues in the same amount of detail.

Connecting with client's emotions relates to the copy (or text) and images on your website. While you may not be a copywriter, make sure your website isn’t just explaining the features of your services. (Though you should definitely explain the benefits). The copy needs to connect with your ideal customer’s emotions first and then sell them on the product or service that will help them with their problems. If your website doesn’t have converting copy, you won’t see nearly as high of a conversion rate as you could.

So what are you really selling? The most common client goal is weight loss. But you need to dive a little deeper. Clients will say they want to lose weight, but why? Is it so they feel more confident, combat medical issues like high blood pressure, do they want to regain the vitality they had in their youth. If you can tap into these emotional triggers you will see more clients seeking out your services AND paying top dollar for them, because you understand that it not just about the 10 pounds but it's about how they will feel.

If you are looking for help building a converting website, our custom design services for personal trainers, studios and gym owners includes everything from the copy & images to SEO & hosting. Basically, we take care of everything so you can focus on taking care of all those new clients. Book a free consultation call so we can learn more about your business.

If you are more of a DIY'er, check out our custom templates here.

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