Is a new gym website worth it?

Let’s examine the cost vs the value of your website.

How much does it cost?

The answer is pretty easy. The cost for the FitSites Framework is 4 payments of $750.

What is the value?

The value of your website is it’s importance to your business.

There are plenty of cheap designers out there. But these budget designers don’t know the fitness industry. They don’t take the time to learn your needs and implement the best strategy for your business. They use templates, generic designs, and you have to provide the copy and images.

Will the website help you increase the number of clients you have in 6 months?

Will the new sales page help you sell out a new online training program?

They may be low cost but they are also low value.

I specialize in web design for fitness professionals. I know the industry. I build websites that can directly influence your business’ income for years to come.

For example, say your monthly membership is $139, over the course of a year that’s $1668 in revenue. Now if a new, amazing website brings in just 10 more clients to your gym that's an extra $16,680 in revenue.

The website may only cost you $3000, but the value to your business is clearly much, much more.

This is the difference between cost and value.

Whether that's gaining more clients, selling out your online training program, increasing memberships, or simplifying your business operations so you spend less time behind a computer and have more time in the gym, I can help you reach your business goals.

Click here if you would like to set up a free consultation to discuss a new website your gym or fitness studio.

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