Why EVERY Personal Trainer Needs a Website

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

It’s okay if, as a personal trainer, you are used to finding clients by word of mouth, but I’m afraid you cannot grow your personal training business that way. Yeah! The reason is not far-fetched - We are now in a digital world and clients expect to see websites for their personal trainers.

Think about it! There is a forecast of 330,000 personal training jobs in the United States by 2026. So tell me, how do you intend to grow your business and survive without a website?

Do you even know that today, a lot of people search online when they need a personal trainer? Yea, people commonly search for things like “Find a personal trainer near me,” “websites for personal trainers,” and many more.

So you see, you need to step up your game! There are lots of opportunities for you when you own a website as a personal trainer. I’m sure you want to know about them.

Fortunately, in this article, I am going to show you some smart reasons why you need a website as a personal trainer.

Without much ado, let’s get started!

1. Improve Your Online Presence

Just like I said earlier, a lot of people are searching online for “how to find a personal trainer,” “how to book a yoga class,” “how to try a new meal plan,” and lots more.

So it can be difficult to reach out to these new customers when you don’t have a website.

More so, websites for personal trainers run 24/7 allowing their customers to connect with them anytime during the day. A lot of people love easy accessibility, even outside business hours.

So getting a personal training website design will help you reach more customers and show them the outstanding features of your service.

2. Enjoy the Benefits of Social Media

Do you know you can develop your personal-training community by using social media? Yea, that way, you’ll be able to share useful information, training offers, and products to your audience.

So, when you have a website, you can encourage people to like and follow you on your social media handles, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. As more people follow you, you may also decide to advertise on your social media page to demonstrate your expertise. Isn’t that worth it?

Also, having social media is not enough. You need a home base (i.e. your website) to send new potential clients to from social media channels. Where they can learn more about you & your services, get in contact, even sign up for their first session.

You can get professionals today who specialize in personal training website design.

3. Become Visible on Google

You already know Google is a place where most people run to for most inquiries. In fact, 31% of consumers make their findings online before making any purchase.

Now, imagine the number of people who are researching professional personal trainers that they can trust with their health and bodies. You will only be left behind if you don’t show up on search engines.

But when you have a website, you can use relevant keywords that most customers are searching for to become more visible on Google. In fact, you can increase your chance of appearing on the first page of the search results.

You can rank your websites on search engine through:

  • Titles

  • Meta descriptions

  • Long-tail- keywords and lots more.

4. Sharing Useful Information

Most customers need to interact with your brand 6-8 times before purchasing. In other words, they need to know why they need your services and they need to see the value you can provide them.

Having a website and sharing useful information and your knowledge helps to win the trust of people better. Your potential clients will become more confident that you know what you’re talking about and hire you as a trainer.

You can educate people on your website through blogging, e-books, infographics, and more channels. This way, you can talk about exciting topics like:

  • Fitness trends

  • New exercises

  • Healthy recipe ideas

  • Health and fitness statistics

  • Guides for beginners

  • Interviews with current clients and many more.

5. Enjoy the Benefits of Email Marketing

When you have a website, you can easily convince visitors to get awesome pieces of information like e-books, special guides, by providing their email addresses.

Once you get an email list, you have a huge opportunity to convert your visitors into returning clients.

However, if you’re planning to use email marketing, compose your emails in a readable manner, and avoid being spammy. Ensure you’re providing value to your readers, and you’ll increase their thirst to consult you.

6. Outsmart your Competitors

There is fierce competition in the personal training business, just like any other industry. So you might occasionally ask yourself, “How do I win more clients than my competitors?”

Well, a website can help you stay ahead of the competition. But you need to consult a professional for a personal training website design to help you get the best result.

Yea, there are now a lot of websites for personal trainers, but building your website in a better way by consulting a professional, and optimizing it using some SEO strategies can help you improve your online presence.

You get a chance to share useful information regularly and use content marketing to outsmart your competitors.

7. Earn More without Much Investment

A lot of personal trainers consult advertisers or invest in sending brochures through emails, but this usually does not bring any measurable return on investment.

But you can get a custom website where you can attract your audience with interesting features. If you need a customized personal training website design service, we can help you out without at an affordable cost.

More so, you can earn more trust by showcasing your reviews and testimonials on your website. You can achieve this by asking your clients to leave a short review on your webpage (usually, there is a space for this on a website).

8. Sell and Book Online

You will only be limiting yourself when you offer services to only clients you see face-to-face. But when you have a website, you’ll be able to sell your services online to reach a large number of prospective clients. Not only that, but your clients will be able to choose any of your packages directly online and book their first session.

More so, selling and booking online helps to streamline your operation and simplify your life as your clients will have easy access to buy and book any of your services and get started immediately. This strategy brings money into your business and increases your awareness, especially when your service is of high value.

More reasons why you need a website as a personal trainer include:

  • Your clients can help you share your web content through your social icons linking.

  • You can sell products online in the future after creating an active community.

  • You get a chance to express your unique functionality as a personal trainer.


Ready to take action and enjoy the advantages of owning a website as a personal trainer?

You can book a free consultation with us today, and we will help you with a personal training website design with great features to win more clients and stay ahead of your competitors. We’ll help you achieve your dreams as a personal trainer.

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